Why Islamic bedtime stories?

  • Because after years spent searching for the perfect Islamic books for children (accurate, without haram images, well written, age appropriate …) I realised I didn’t strictly need them. My boys became obsessed with hearing stories from my childhood (especially about the time I got a bead stuck in my nose which, despite being quite a gripping little anecdote, hasn’t exactly been published!). Then I realised the great potential of just telling stories.
  • Because in order to be able to tell stories, Ummi needs to know them first! (alhamdulillah, I find there is something very special about having to read up in preparation to your children’s bedtime. Get out your Ibn Katheer everyone!).
  • Because if your 7 year old asks you the story of a prophet/sahaabi you don’t know much about, that’s the perfect prompt to research it together the next day.
  • Last, but by no means least, because we are Muslim and must be so in everything we do. I thought bedtime stories, as one of the moments children most commonly share with their parents, represents very well our approach as Muslim parents. A beautiful occasion to cherish how different we are in our values from people that choose not to follow Islam.  And no, by Islamic bedtime stories I do not mean we should put a nice little headscarf on Cinderella, nor Batman in a topi hat, fighting crime between school and madrasah… No. I mean true stories, beneficial stories from Islam. Alhamdulillah, not a princess in sight!!!!!

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