Busy on a plane

I titled this “Busy on a plane” because our last trip a few months ago was what prompted my pinterest research (see the board where I collected all the inspiration for making the above here: https://www.pinterest.com/ummyusef/busy-on-a-plane/), but it could very well be called “busy at the conference/talk” because it worked equally well in that setting, Alhamdulillah.

The lovely pictures of the cars are from here http://www.prekinders.com/car-color-matching/


With the exclusion of the Velcro craft sticks, all of this ended up stuffing the boys wallets. Super fun to make.
“Colour wheel” made with pictures of colourful towels from a magazine. I really liked looking at it.
Business cards, play money, expired vouchers, laminated pictures of toys… all interesting stuff to pull out of a wallet.
I added one mini washi paper sample “book”, because this paper is beautiful to look at and feel, masha’Allah. Squares of laminated vintage maps for my big boy and of different coloured WV beetles for my little one. I collected them with a key ring. Plus very roughly made threading cards.

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