Word spotting activity for talks and conferences

Back in December we were blessed to attend the Winter conference at the Salafi Masjid (Wright street) in Birmingham. I kept Bilal with me while Yusef went with my husband. I came up with something for him to do that would help him listen to the talks (I couldn’t give him colouring to do while he was a big boy sitting in the first row, could I?).  I selected some words that were likely to be recurrent and he had to do a tick each time he heard one. It worked pretty well masha’Allah. I think we should raise our expectation when it comes to what our children can do. It kills me when I see a teenage girl or pre-teen with an iPad during a khutbah when even younger children are more than capable of listening.

It should be quite easy to make your own… but if I have time to learn how to make an editable document I might put up a couple of templates Insha’Allah.



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