How we are learning about the prophets – Prophet Hud (‘alayhi as-salaam)

When I started giving the boys Islamic bedtime stories, they soon started asking to be told about prophets whose names they had heard, but that are not as well knows as Musa, Adam or Ibraheem (‘alayhim as-salaam). And I was stuck.  So I learned a valuable lesson: Give your child your (adult) books to read. Children  of a certain age don’t strictly need children books. Yusef loved so much having access to one of my (precious and cherished) books, he made him feel big. (He is saying that my Stories of the Prophets is now his, but I don’t think so… *smile*).

Anyway, the way we go about it is this:

  • He picks a prophet. He reads out loud the relevant chapter(s) in the Ibn Katheer’s book.
  • As he reads, I make notes in a spider diagram (he is not able to do this completely on his own at the moment, so I help him out).


  • Then we make the spider diagram into a poster, which he writes (mostly) in his own words.

It is very effective masha’Allah. Immediately after completing the poster, the new information became part of Yusef’s “inventory” of stories, which he tells to his brother.


I think it is better for you (parent) to do the reading with your child and to extract the main points, but just in case you are somehow unable to do so, here’s the story how we wrote it in bullet points, Insha’Allah.

  • Hud was a descendent of Nuh (4th generation after his, ‘alayhi as-salaam).
  • He was an Arab. He is thought to have been the first prophet to speak Arabic.
  • He was sent to the people of ‘Ad, famous for building tents with lofty pillars, and who were idol worshippers.
  • It is thought they lived in modern day Yemen.
  • Hud called them to worshipping Allah alone.
  • They called Hud a liar. He replied he was a messenger sent by Allah.
  • They called him “crazy”. He replied he was only giving them good advice.
  • They refused to worship Allah alone, they were attached to their idols.
  • Hud told them he feared they would receive a terrible punishment from Allah. They challenged him, asking him to bring the punishment on, if he was telling the truth.
  • The punishment started off as draught.
  • Then, when a cloud appeared, the ‘Ad were happy, thinking it was rain coming their way, but it wasn’t.
  • The cloud brought a terrible wind that blew for 8 days and 7 night, destroying everything.
  • The disbelievers were blown high up by the wind and then dropped on their heads, which would be crushed, making their bodies look like tree trunks.

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