Prophet Idris (‘alayhi as-salaam)

This was the second prophet Yusef was curious about. The bullet points below are taken from Ibn Katheer’s Stories of the Prophets. wpid-20150118_102504.jpg

  • He was the 2nd prophet (after Adam and Seth).
  • He is also known as Enoch.
  • He is said to be the first person to write with a pen.
  • He was born when Adam (‘alayhi as-salaam) still had 380 years to live.
  • When Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was taken on the Mi’raj, he met Idris in the 4th heaven.
  • Allah described Idris in the Qur’an calling him “Siddeeqan nabeeyya” (Surah Maryam 19:56)
  • In the same surah (19:57) Allah says about Idris “and We raised him to a high station.”
  • What does it mean? Ibn Katheer reports a conversation between Ibn ‘Abbas and Ka’b (rady Allahu ‘anhum) in which Ibn ‘Abbas asked Ka’b the meaning of this ayah. Ka’b said that Allah had promised Idris to give him the same good deeds as the believing people for each day he lived. He told this to an angel friend of his, and together they went in search of the angel of death to inform him. Idris was carried up the heavens on the wings of the angel. When they arrived at the 4th heaven, they ran into the angel of death, who had been sent to take the soul of Idris! The angel of death said he had been sent to take Idris’ soul in the 4th heaven, and he didn’t understand how he could be in the 4th heaven (but there he was!). So Idris’ soul was taken when he was in the 4th heaven. And this is the meaning of “high station”.

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