The seasons in our house

It might be because one of our children is still very young, it might be that seeing their work displayed gives the children a nice sense of pride, or it might just be that we love to see a splash of colour on the walls (aside from Bilal scribbles….alhamdulillah, the boy has a bit if a graffiti problem) but we just love season themed decorations.  This year we mostly printed off our material (from here some printables are free, others need subscription), not the most creative approach, but it gave us (me) ideas on what can be done (and saves tons of times that can be used actually making and studying other things).
This is our Autumn display, featuring acrostic poems, symmetric drawings of leaves and detachable acorns number bonds (done by Yusef) and colouring, tracing, cutting, gluing and ordering by size (done by Bilal).


Below is our Winter display (my favourite season masha’Allah).


More poems, symmetry, scissor skill etc.
Again, we took a lot of ready made things from and some creative ideas from pinterest,  which you will find on my Winter crafts board here

Our winter decorations are always put up later in the season, usually well into January.  I wait until the christmas decorations are well and truly gone from everywhere around us to decorate in our house. I would never want my children to associate Winter with this festivity or to feel like we are somehow taking part. Alhamdulillah.


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