Toys VS playing

My children have a lot of toys. Probably more than I would like to (mostly from family who they seldom see). Alhamdulillah they are nice toys, I have a say on what they are given and I am grateful for them, but I question the actual “play value” of a lot of what is considered a desirable toy today. I grew up with the TV, but in the 80s there were only a handful of channels, only some of which had children’s programmes at certain times. Now screen based entertainment for children is limitless in the choice they have as well as being available literally 24/7. I might sound controversial here, but it is my blog and I’ll say it: I hate that children have Ipads for entertainment. Not just Ipads, all those beeping games that are supposedly educational. To think of those devices as educational for children (especially young ones) gives me the shivers.

Once my mother saw in a shop some remote controlled cars she wanted to buy for the boys and she phoned me to ask what I thought of it. She started with “I know you are against this kind of things…” which made me laugh. I am not against electricity nor do I refuse any toy that isn’t made of wood… But I do love when my kids make a mess in the garden, make dens, go hunting for sticks or digging for rocks… which then become birds eggs in a nest, trilobite fossils and all sorts of creatures. I love it because this is playing and I know that Insha’Allah this is doing them good.