Writing practice with a difference

Masha’Allah, Yusef loves to read. And hates to write. When he manifested a strong interest in learning cursive writing (something that feels optional and sort of forgotten in the UK) I did not want to lose this chance for him to have some quality time with pen and paper, Insha’Allah!

After the basic letter formation, what is available for cursive practice are often collections of quotations from famous people for a child to copy. Err…no thanks. Why look in that direction when something much better is available to us?

So here it is: The first part of our “An-Nawawi’s 40 Ahadith workbook” ! Alhamdulillah.


I chose this collection of ahadith because it contains all the basic principles of the religion, masha’Allah and because I am currently studying them, so the explanations are fresh in my mind, Alhamdulillah.

A little warning is needed: I useless at any formatting or graphics of any kind so you will find this is NOT by any stretch of imagination a professionally made/laid out booklet. It was made with a very practical purpose in mind, which was to be a study aid for my son. Initially I had thought of simply purchasing a copy of the lovely  An-Nawawi 40 ahadeeth study book published by Darul Imam Muslim (this one: http://www.darulimammuslim.com/portfolio/40-hadith/) which we use for a course I attend on this topic. However, I thought I would have to stick on it way too many paper bits to make it suitable for my specific purpose, so I thought I’d simply (and quickly!) type one up exactly  as I needed it for the benefit of my children and whoever else may want to use it.

Each  double page has the Arabic text of the hadith alongside the English translation. Under, I chose some English words from the hadith which the child is expected to recognise in the Arabic text and write. They are in the order in which they come in the hadith so they might be even guessed reasonably easily if the child is not familiar with them. There is some space for the student to write down the meaning of the hadith in his/her own words. The page on the right is for copying the English hadith in cursive writing.


I have to say, masha’Allah, I was quite impressed with how quickly Yusef grasped “actions are by intentions” from the examples he gave me, especially given that he didn’t even know what the word intention meant to start with. Alhamdulillah.


At the back, I listed a set of goals for each hadith (or each section of the long ones) with stars to colour. wpid-20150418_102244-1.jpg

Here are the links for the workbook in PDF as well as Word document (in case someone wants to change the copy work font Insha’Allah):