More time, more patience

Today I was late with everything. I did my Qur’an late, I started homeschooling late, lunch was late. You see where I am going. Basically, I was hijacked by my 3 year old (soon to be 4 Insha’Allah). He did that cute face as he begged: “Ummi, come to play pizza oven a liiiiiiiiiiiittle bit…”

He had built a pizza oven in the playroom. he was wearing a white cotton drawstring bag as a (really floppy) chef’s hat, held up by his ears. He was rushing around very competently and comfortably in his play kitchen. He made me pizza and a few other yummy treats. We chatted. It was all very cute, I promise you.

This is the pizza oven. (Note his chef hat on the blue chair while the pizza is cooking under the brown one)


This is my order of pizza with mushrooms and a side (felt) salad.


While, at his age, Yusef enjoyed making and organizing playdough shapes and letters, doing worksheets and making me write the number 0-10 over and over and over again, Bilal needs to do “real things”. Now, real things have got a completely different pace compared to academic things. Real things require time and patience, especially from one’s adult helper. Real things are imaginative, fun, creative and they teach you how to be a human being (a process that can’t be rushed).

Then why sometimes it is so hard to just let go of “getting things done” and go along with that? Why do we struggle so much to relinquish control, once in a while? Why can’t we accept that we are going to be late with everything and that – insha’Allah – it will be worth it?

Why can’t we find more time and have more patience?