The Battle of Badr

Assalamo ‘aleykum.

So Here’s how it works Insha’Allah.

I kept it as simple as I could and broke down the facts into the following categories:

  • When? > the student marks the time on a simple timeline in hijri years
  • Who? > Who were the 2 parties involved
  • Why? > Reasons that caused the event
  • Where? > The students write the name of the place on an arrow and identifies it on a map
  • Some of the companions who took part (not an exhaustive list!)
  • Ayaat/ahadeeth relevant to the event > something to read to give more context to the event
  • What happened? > The student puts in order and assembles the flow chart with the detailed happenings of the event (or writes his/her own)
  • What was the outcome? > Who won
  • What happened next? > Consequences for the Muslims
  • What did you enjoy the most? > a little room for self expression and re-elaboration

Because I put together this workbook with my 7 year old in mind (he is not a big fan of writing at the moment) those of the above points that require an answer are assigned a space in which to actually stick the answer, provided on an answer sheet.

For example, below are some pictures of the workbook and the relevant part on the answer sheet:








The way I intend to present this, Insha’Allah, is to give my son the answers already cut, scrambled up and ready to be glued on the workbook. This is made easier by the fact that the allocated space for each question is the same size/shape/style as that of the answer. The flow chart will be broken up into individual blocks too, but the colour of the arrows will offer a clue on what the correct order is.

This might be too easy for some children, in which case simply scrap the answer sheets.

I think Yusef might be encouraged to read some passages from the actual books I took my information from (“In Defence of True Faith” from Ibn Katheer’s Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah, “The Sealed Nectar” and “Saheeh al-Bukhari”).

Am I making it really complicated?????

There is a lot of great anecdotes from some of the battles, so, where I managed, I added in a bit of reading, which I titled “Gems from the Companions” *smiles*


If I haven’t already put you off with my explanation, just download and print out the 2 files below, it will make more sense Insha’Allah!

The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr ANSWERS