Ramadan activity plan – WEEK 1


Assalamo ‘aleykum.

Three years ago I made a “Ramadan mailbox” for Yusef out of a cardboard box. I put it at the bottom of the stairs and everyday he would enjoy finding a little note or suggestion on a good deed to perform. Now, those notes were completely random and very last minute. By last minute I mean that many of them were actually thought of and written at suhoor time on the day I needed them!

Because Yusef hasn’t stopped talking about that box since, I thought that I would do one again this year. This Ramadan I also have a different 4 year old who I hope will enjoy it as much as his big brother did, Insha’Allah. AND I am actually planning it! In fact I must have started picking activities 2 months ago and collected them in my Ramadan with the kids Pinterest board.

Each day I will put in the mailbox the relevant materials x2 (Yusef is going to want to participate Insha’Allah). Each week I tried to include cheap crafts, worksheets/things to read and a simple recipe to share with our neighbours Insha’Allah.

Insha’Allah, I am going to share my list of the activities that I picked for each day, in case someone wants to do something similar but is too short on time to think about which activities to do.


DAY 1: Ramadan countdown paper plate and pegs.  We will paint the plate and decorate the pegs with craft papers and buttons (we will just remove a random one each day, no need for numbering). By the way, these pegs are great to give out as small presents to the aunties at the end of it: You always need a cute peg to close a pack of some food in the cupboard (we made some for family in Italy and they were a resounding success masha’Allah!)

DAY 2: We will be making Breakfast burrito bites (or better, “Iftar burrito bites”). Yusef will find in the mailbox the printed recipe with pictures and Bilal some of the ingredients, Insha’Allah.

DAY 3: Lanterns (if you don’t want to buy a ready made kit, you can easily find free printable patterns online Insha’Allah)

DAY 4: The boys will find in their mailbox a siwaak each with a container that they can personalise with craft papers Insha’Allah. Sunnah AND craft!

DAY 5: Braiding activity. The boys will get some colourful strings, be shown how to braid them (or plait them? I don’t know if there is a difference between the two). Insha’Allah this will result in a handy string for their siwaak holder.

DAY 6: A wonderful book (printed out and bound) by my awesome ukhtee at A Muslim Homeschool (Allahumma baarik!) The Tale of Three Israelites

DAY 7: The boys will get some Ramadan inspired images, cut to thick shreds and mixed up, to glue together as a puzzle. We will have a board above the kitchen table where they can stick their work and we can all admire it at meal times, Insha’Allah.