Ramadan activity plan – WEEK 2


Assalamo ‘aleykum.

Below you will find listed the activities I picked for my boys (aged 7 and 4) for each day of Ramadan. Feel free to be inspired to pick your own favourites or just copy the whole thing. This is why homeschoolers share ideas in the first place, Alhamdulillah.

It might seem that I must have spent a lot of money on crafts, but I didn’t; I already had a few of the materials because sometimes I just buy craft materials when they are on sales and I have a couple of pounds to spare. This year I bought the kits also because I wanted to save time on planning wherever I could, Alhamdulillah.


DAY 1: Windmill kit (not the exact same I bought but similar).

DAY 2: We’ll be making fattoush Insha’Allah. Chop, tear, mix: I expect  my kids will love that insha’Allah. (If you are Lebanese and completely horrified at this recipe not being authentic, accept my apology and know that I picked the first recipe with a yummy looking picture that came up on Pinterest *smile*)

DAY 3: Foam mosaics. The boys will be given some colourful self adhesive foam sheets and cut out shapes to make a Ramadan inspired design of their choice. (Or I might cut out some geometric shapes and see what they can come up with).

DAY 4: We’ll be making ice tea (I will put decaf teabags and lemons in the mailbox).

DAY 5: Pillars of Islam mobile from A Muslim Homeschool (barak Allahu feeki).

DAY 6: The Moon Seems to Change  (please note that this is not a general endorsement of this book. I didn’t receive this book at the time of this post and bought it based on a preview. Almost all children books out there – written by Muslims or not – tend to contain some haram images and might have some content that contradicts Islamic teachings. When I recommend a book on this blog, I assume a Muslim parent will go through each book before giving it to their children and apply the due rectifications to make it suitable, Insha’Allah. If the book in question turns out to be beyond rectification, it will be thrown in the recycling without hesitation).

DAY 7: Spinning tops to colour in.