Ramadan activity plan – WEEK 3


Assalamo ‘alaykum.

Please find below the breakdown of the daily activities I chose for my children for the third week of Ramadan, Insha’Allah.


DAY 1: Mosaic rainbow magnets

DAY 2: We’ll be making Tunisian (or Libyan or Algerian) Tajine. Not the stew cooked in the cone shaped pot, but a very thick frittata with chicken, cheese and all sorts of goodies that should cut in chunky neat squares, masha’Allah.

DAY 3: Today they boys will do some worksheets/colouring from the “Welcome Ramadan” workbook from A Muslim Homeschool (jazakillahu khayran).

DAY 4: DIY Moon Phases Puzzle. I made my own today, I will make a separate post to show how I did it, Insha’Allah. 

DAY 5: Ramadan thoughts worksheet for Yusef. I might ask Bilal to tell me his thought and I can write them down for him… and/or just give him a simpler things such as THIS or THIS.

DAY 6: Stained glass window craft. This has nice simple patterns (important since I will need to prepare them already cut out) but I have some pretty masjid shaped ones on my Pinterest board too, masha’Allah. (I need to get some colourful tissue paper for the pound shop Insha’Allah!).

DAY 7: Ramadan Board Game from A Muslim Homeschool (barak Allahu feeki). I am very very excited about this one!!!