Ramadan activity plan – WEEK 4

crescent moon

Assalamo ‘aleykum.

Here is the list of activities I chose to do with my children in the last week of Ramadan, Insha’Allah.


DAY 1: Watermelon party bags. I just love these. We will be making them for our neighbours’ children (there’s a few masha’Allah!) and maybe for the other friends too, depending on finances. I haven’t bought anything to put in them and I prefer to make fewer with things you can actually use in them rather than making 50 full of tat, Insha’Allah. Erm… if you are my neighbour/friend and you are reading this, sorry for spoiling the surprise! (by the way, if my kids are presented with watermelon favours on Eid, let’s just say I will know where you got it from! eh eh… a nice exchange of watermelon slices, masha’Allah!)

DAY 2: Chocolate covered dates. A little something to (lovingly) rot your teeth, just in preparation for Eid! eh eh… my kids will be absolutely ecstatic over these I think…

DAY 3: We will be making Eid cards. I haven’t chosen a design or idea yet, I think I will let the boys choose, although I would really like to make something like THIS.

DAY 4: We’ll be making some Eid decorations! Probably some lolly sticks stars, Insha’Allah. We might even make some heart paper chain similar to THIS ONE, simply because we have got a box full of punched out hearts in lovely craft papers, left over from another craft endeavour.

DAY 5: We will make pink lemonade. The boys will find a recipe, as well as lemons, sugar and raspberries in their mailbox, Insha’Allah.

DAY 6: Eid Colouring pages, 1 , 2, 3

DAY 7 – DAY 7+1 : The boys will be completing this Sunan of Eid al-Fitr colouring book, Insha’Allah.

LAST DAY: When we know it is the last day of Ramadan, we will make Rainbow Cupcakes to have on Eid, insha’Allah