29 Sha’baan: You may now panic

Assalamo ‘aleykum.

It has crept up on me and I am not ready. My energy and concentration levels are not what they normally are. I did my best but the Battles of the Prophet workbook won’t be finished by the start of Ramadan. Qadr Allah. I will post the last few chapter as soon as they are finished, Insha’Allah.

Today I managed to finally make the Ramadan mailbox. It is so hard to steal time in which: a) Both your homeschooled children are not around and b) You are not busy doing something more urgent and/or exhausted. Alhamdulillah. I put it together this morning before the boys got up and did the decorations while Bilal was napping and Yusef had gone to PE. Alhamdulillah!


I think this quotation from the actual Royal Mail symbol is going to be lost on the boys, but I still find it fun.


Not bad if you consider I speed cut those letters from craft paper (which is actually sparkly gold, although the picture doesn’t show it) without even tracing them first. In normal circumstances, I would go to my computer, select a font (possibly hollow = save ink), write what I need, print it out and glue it at the back of the material I need to cut the letters from, then cut them. However, my printer is currently out of black ink (no time to order some and receive it before Ramadan) and the yellow won’t print, making colour printing quite awful. This is why I am slightly panicking. Alhamdulillah.