Phases of the moon puzzle

Assalamo ‘aleykum.

As I mentioned in one of the Ramadan planning posts, I put together a quick puzzle of the moon phases for the boys. I got the idea from What do we do all day.

Here is how I made mine. First I picked a circle shape to trace and traced 8 circles on black card (for once the white pencil in the box came in handy, Alhamdulillah!) they need to be in a line, or, as in my case, on 2 lines on a A3 card that I then cut in half. I traced the same 8 circles on craft paper, 4 on dark paper and 4 on light (to represent the lit part of the moon) and cut them out. I traced the line I intended to cut on the back so that I had: 2 circles with no line, 2 with a line down the middle and the rest with a crescent traced at the back. I laminated the cut circles as well as the black base.


Then, because I do not measure stuff, I held at the same time a dark and a light circle with the same line on the back and,  making sure they were both facing down, I cut them at once. I then swapped the halves between each pair that was cut together, so that one part was dark and one light, this way they fit together reasonably well with no need for much precision in tracing the lines.


I applied some self adhesive Velcro dots and made some labels with the names of the different phases of the moon on a strip of craft paper, making sure I cut between each with a different pattern (which, I have learned, is called “error control”, clever!). We enjoyed playing with it (and I enjoyed making it, Alhamdulillah!), the kids now want it put up on the wall. They have been eagerly scouting the night sky for the Ramadan moons ever since, using it to tell how much of the month had gone.