The Prophet’s prayer described WORKBOOK

Assalamo ‘aleykum.

Ramadan has left us and, after the festivities, our thoughts return to homeschooling and to how we can implement all those good “Ramadan resolutions” in the upbringing of our children, Insha’Allah.

I put together a little workbook based on the great work of shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) “The Prophet’s prayer described”.

I just came up with a few easy questions and activities to consolidate the comprehension of each one of the main topics, Alhamdulillah. It is a very simple workbook. I tried to include only the basic topics and require minimal writing. Yet I think it should be quite effective, and only Allah grants every success. Again, it is a pretty rudimentary production *smile* I just lack the skills and I didn’t want it to take weeks in the making.

Also, please not that this does not include the conditions and pillars of salah! (this is next on my to-do list Insha’Allah)

It was brought to my attention that Abu Mu’adh Taqweem Aslam (hafeedhahullah) has made a workbook on the same topic. You can find it here Insha’Allah and if your child can do this, I obviously recommend to go with it rather than mine!!!

Yusef is 7 and has started to do all his daily prayers, Allahumma baarik. However – how shall I put it? – his training is far from complete. In fact, we should all go back to shaykh al-Albani’s book throughout our life to brush up on our salah.

Below is my workbook. All you need to do is, at the beginning of each page, fill in the page numbers for your edition of “The Prophet’s prayer described”, so the child will know what to read before completing the activities Insha’Allah.

I think I will find out how to have a certificate printed out for Yusef when he finishes this Insha’Allah, and I might get him his own copy of the book too *smile*

Click on the image to download:

PPD pic

(If you find typos or mistakes please let me know Insha’Allah!)


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