CORRECTIONS: “The Prophet’s prayer described” workbook

Assalamu ‘alaykum,

going through the book with Yusef I have found 2 mistakes.

  1. Page 3: I asked to colour a country in yellow twice in the same exercise so I changed it with orange.
  2. Page 13: In the second of the adhkaar I wrote رَبِّي  while it should be رَبُّ . It is quite obvious if you know any Arabic, even if you didn’t know this specific dhikr. It must have been a “copy&paste” mishap!

This is the CORRECTED PDF FILE Insha’Allah.

I do apologise for the mistakes, I hope I did not cause confusion to anybody. May Allah protect me from transmitting incorrect knowledge in any form and to any degree. Ameen!

÷ يخ شحخمI I


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