Assalamu ‘alaykum.
I am a Muslim striving upon the way of the salaf. I am a mother and homemaker, home educator, linguist, translator and student at heart; wannabee crafter (maybe someday insha’Allah). When, back in 2006, I was blessed to know Islam, I discovered a religion that was still completely true to the teaching of a Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and salutations be upon him), I couldn’t not follow it. I’ve been trying ever since and may Allah guide me to spend the rest of my life trying and raise my children upon the same. Ameen.

This is where this blog comes in. I want to record our journey without crowding our little phone chat group of local sisters with pictures… they’ll get really bored with me otherwise!…*smile*


One thought on “About

  1. Assalam Alaikum Sister,

    Masha Allah you have done some amazing work on the 99 names of Allah. I have currently embarked on a new project where I have joined a sister who is creating subscriptioned Islamic Boxes for children. We wanted to teach children the 99 names of Allah so that they could learn to love Allah and know who he is.
    Would you be interested in allowing us to use your 99 Names of Allah worksheet. One name each month and we would give full credit to you by adding your blog details or whatever information you would like us to add.

    I am an Islamic Studies Teacher and a mother of 2 children and I am constantly talking to children about their creator who he is in hope of instilling love and hope in their title hearts. I have found the best way to do this is through the 99 names of Allah.

    I look forward to your reply. You may reply to me on info@littleleapsoffaith.org.


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